Tania is a 52 year old Healthy Ageing Coach and Personal Trainer who is passionate about redefining age.

Losing her father to a sudden heart attack at 47 (27 years ago), prompted Tania to qualify as a fitness trainer and begin researching and studying the effects of lifestyle on ageing. It has and continues to be her passion to explore how we can not only live longer but also age better

Although having an interest in fitness and nutrition most of her life, she has also been both overweight and underweight and has also experienced the ups and downs associated with body image, weight issues and time constraints that affect many people. Now as a midlifer with two teenage children, Tania is navigating menopause, joint/arthritis issues and whatever else the ageing process brings her way.

After finding a simple but effective way of transforming her own life, Tania continues to stay up to date with healthy ageing research. Tania no longer believes in extremes and tries to live her life in a fit, healthy and balanced way that includes lots of healthy food and exercise but also allows room for relaxation, chocolate, bread and eating out regularly.

Passionate about sharing her knowledge, ideas and philosophies with other people, Tania believes that ‘investing in your health is the most important investment you can make’. Her goal is to help empower other midlifers to fully enjoy their lives, love their bodies and be fit and healthy regardless of their age.