At 53, I am a Health Coach and Personal Trainer who is passionate about post menopause health and wellness.

The devastating loss of my Dad to a sudden heart attack when he was only 47, prompted me to qualify as a fitness trainer almost 30 years ago. I then began my quest for researching and studying the effects of lifestyle on ageing. It has and continues to be my passion to explore how we can not only live longer but also age better. I believe in life long learning – both mentally and physically.

Although having an interest in fitness and nutrition most of my life, there have been times in the past where I was not always ‘healthy’. Being both very underweight but also very overweight, I was once well and truly on the dieting and exercise rollercoaster. Thus, I understand the ups and downs associated with body image, weight issues and other challenges that affect many women. Now as a midlifer with two teenage children, I am navigating post menopause, joint/arthritis issues and whatever else the ageing process brings my way.

No longer believing in extremes, my own health vision now involves living my life in a fit, healthy and balanced way that includes lots of healthy food and exercise while also allowing room for relaxation, chocolate, bread and eating out regularly. I am also a lover of little black dresses and a reforming high heel addict (a work in progress!).

My own exercise regime varies from working out in my home garage gym, embarking on the occasional athletic challenge (first marathon at 47 and first 140.6 ironman at 52), gardening, surfing (another midlife discovery), multi day hiking in Australia and New Zealand, kelpie walking and constantly exploring new ways to move my body.

My ultimate goal in life is to share my knowledge, ideas and philosophies with other post menopausal women, empowering them to fully enjoy their lives, love their bodies and be fit and healthy regardless of their age.