Midlife and menopause can be a disruptive but transformational time of life, ultimately allowing us to evolve into our most authentic and best selves.

From my late mid 40s where I was still finding my way, to now 52 with more direction, passion and happiness about ageing and the future. I began this journey navigating peri menopause (unknowingly) and am now post menopausal.

Naively, I expected the fact that I exercised and ate quite healthily would prevent me from experiencing menopause ‘issues’. I was wrong – very wrong!

However, I have viewed each menopause symptom as my body requesting me to make changes to create a better balance. So far, I have not utilised hormone treatment or rarely taken supplements. Instead, I have investigated how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications can help manage my symptoms. For me, this has worked well.

Although I consider that I was quite healthy prior to menopause, I am now definitely much healthier overall. Previously, I focused more on just exercise and nutrition. Now I also prioritise things like stress management and sleep.

My body has transitioned from its reproductive years into a new stage of life where I have more freedom and more settled hormones.

Although I continue to implement strategies to improve my post menopausal health (it’s a lifelong journey for me), I am now so much more in control of my body and my hormones. And it feels great!

Entering midlife and menopause has also allowed me to finally start attempting many of the things I always dreamed of but never thought I could achieve. Now, I continually step out of my comfort zone and unlike my younger self, have the courage to risk failure.

Other women I talk to also express this but in my 50s, I think I’m finally becoming the real me. I know ‘authenticity’ is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but that really is what it comes down to. For me, menopause has been one the most challenging times of my life but also the best thing to ever happen to me.

I am more empowered and alive than ever before and I can’t wait to see where this new stage of life takes me.

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